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How can you turn your marketing department from a cost center to a revenue generator?

We brought in Nicole Kingsley Brunner, CMO of Manning & Napier, to help us find out. Nicole has transformed her firm’s marketing, and helped them grow from around $6 billion dollars of assets under management when she started to more than $20 billion under management today.

Nicole's Origins as a Marketer - (2:25)
- How financial services marketing has changed over the last 17 years.
- Why transparency and honesty are more important than ever in financial services:
- “It’s important to be authentic, honest, and true to who you are and what your brand represents. We want to make sure the experience they have with us (in marketing) is going to be the same experience they’re going to have with us as a client.”

Marketing as a Revenue Generator - (8:15)
- “You hand off a couple leads to somebody who didn’t work for them, and suddenly you start to have some more friends.”
- User feedback and behavior allows Nicole to target customers to deliver more relevant content.

Analytics - (13:15)
- Nicole let’s the data tell the story to build internal buy-in.
- Extensive use of A/B testing leads to better user experience and better buyer journeys.

Clarity - (17:15)
- “I am on a crusade for clarity.”
- “I think about our first job as being clear and delivering content that can help educate someone. If they feel like they’re learning something from you, and they don’t feel stupider for not understanding what you’re sending them, then you’re on the right path forward. If we’re not clear in our communication, then we’re failing our audience.”
- Nicole uses data and analytics to create different personas and offers materials that vary in detail based on the sophistication of the audience.
- After clarity is achieved, it is important to connect on an emotional level.

Marketing Career Questions - (28:15)
- Nicole wish she had known how skeptical people are of marketers. You can combat skepticism by marketing products that you can genuinely get behind.
- “This website is not just a well designed piece of media, this is actually a lead generator and it works all the time. It doesn’t take weekends or vacations. It’s always working. And with automation, I can keep that whole thing running.”

Pardot Lightning Round - (32:12)
- Favorite book, favorite app, worst advice best advice, favorite follow on social media, and favorite marketing campaign.

Mentioned by Nicole -
- Boomerang App
- The Universe Has Your Back

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[bctt tweet="I am on a crusade for clarity. - Nicole Kingsley Brunner #marketingtrends"]
[bctt tweet="It's important to be authentic, honest, and true to what your brand represents. - Nicole Kingsley Brunner #marketingtrends"]

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