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No one knows Account Based Marketing better than Jon Miller. Jon is known as the godfather of ABM. As the CEO and co-founder of Engagio he has helped define the market. And marketing innovation is nothing new to Jon. He also co-founded Marketo and served as a VP at Epiphany.

On this episode, Jon talks all about ABM, including most common mistakes and best practices for getting started. He also gives advice of how more marketers can become successful founder and what he thinks the next big innovation will be in marketing.

Why ABM is so Important for Marketers - (4:45)
- Jon's analogy for ABM: Traditional marketing is fishing with a net. ABM is fishing with a spear.
- "There's been a disconnect for a long time where marketing was looking at leads and sales was looking at accounts. They are literally not on the same page." - Jon Miller
- "For a lot of companies, it makes sense to go after the accounts you want rather than the ones you just happen to catch." - Jon Miller
- Jon believes that the consistent thread of marketing innovation is that it is constantly helping marketing to become more meaningful by becoming more personalized and relevant. ABM is the extension of that same idea.

Making Relevant Marketing - (8:40)
- Most consumers try to avoid as much marketing as they can, because it frequently isn't relevant. People want stuff that's more relevant and meaningful by definition.
- It's important to teach something that is actually relevant. You can stand out by being cutesy, but it's never going to be as effective as bringing actual insight.
- The relationship between marketing and sales is no longer like a baton pass, it's more like a sports team working together.
- "It's easier to work in silos, you just don't make as much money." - Jon Miller

Why ABM breaks down - (15:45)
- "A big mistake I see people making is just going down the advertising path." - Jon Miller
- Going to the effort to fully integrate sales and marketing is much more difficult than running some ads.
- There is almost always a team when a B2B organization is buying. That's why Jon always talks about MQA (marketing qualified accounts) rather than MQLs (marketing qualified leads).

Scaling & Systematizing Personalized Outreach - (23:35)
- There are many ways to reach specific accounts. ABM is here to make sure you can do it in a systematic way.
- ABM standup. Get an account executive and a marketer into a 1-on-1 meeting.
- "The wrong way to do ABM is to embark on a new journey and use the same metrics you've always used." - Jon Miller
- Engagement is a great proxy. If the right accounts are spending time with you, that's a win.

The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM - (29:50)
- "Teaching is the best way that I know of to build a B2B brand." - Jon Miller
- If you are known as a thought-leader and an expert, the market wants to pay attention.
- You have to know how people are going to engage with the content. There is an art to doing it well.

General Marketing Advice - (34:30)
- Create a big persona for your company.
- ABM is not a technology, it is a business process. There will be many technologies that support the ABM process.
- What new technologies should marketers be thinking about?Jon is excited about intent data.
- There are many entrepreneurs who come from product, because product-market fit is the most important thing early on in a company.
- There are few pure brand marketers as founders because product is so important.
- To be a founder, your easiest path is getting familiar with sales. As a marketer, you should also have curiosity around product.

Lightning Round - (43:20)
- Most fun app: Clash of Clans
- Favorite recent book: Turn the Ship Around by L David Marquet (YouTube Video)
- Favorite campaign: The Clear and Complete Guide to ABM
- Worst campaign: As marketers, we decided what accounts to go after, put together a campaign, got responses, and then talked to sales. Sales should have been involved much sooner.
- Most important way to start ABM: Data, ABM Standup, run a campaign that will deliver immediate results.
- 46:30 - Game of Thrones Speculation.

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[bctt tweet="Teaching is the best way that I know of to build a B2B brand. - @JonMiller, CEO of @engagio #marketingtrends"]
[bctt tweet="For a lot of companies, it makes sense to go after the accounts you want rather than the ones you just happen to catch. - @JonMiller, CEO of @Engagio #marketingtrends"]

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