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Marketing has always been about more than just marketing for Paul D'Arcy (LinkedIn | Twitter). Throughout his entire career, Paul has sought to understand the purpose behind the messaging that he delivers. That passion for purpose has led Paul to serve as the CMO of MessageOne, Executive Director of Americas Marketing and Global Demand Gen at Dell, and now serves as Senior Vice President of Marketing at Indeed. He and his team are working to create the best tool to serve job seekers and employers around the world.

On this episode, Paul discusses his entry into marketing and what he has learned thus far in his career, including the importance of being purpose-driven, creating long-term customer memory, and maximizing creativity.

Early Experience from Prudential to Dell - (5:00)

- After studying government and women's studies in college, Paul worked as a contract photographer before starting at Prudential, where he learned how valuable rotational programs can be.
- His first rotation was in marketing and he never left.
- Paul's first CMO job was early in his career at MessageOne, which was acquired by Dell.
- At Dell, Paul experienced tremendous growth as he gained experience around the world, from Asia to the Americas, and discovered his leadership style through managing larger teams.
- These lessons help him face the challenges of addressing different dynamics, rules, and cultures around the world at Indeed.

Purpose-Driven Marketing - (13:30)
- Paul underscores the importance of being purpose-driven when creating great businesses.
- "Businesses seeing the biggest growth and the biggest impact in the world are ones that start first with passion for solving a problem that matters in the world and then think about revenue and profits as something that follows." - Paul D'Arcy
- At Indeed, instead of using humor to make fun of work and focusing on how terrible work is, they believe that work is serious and meaningful and can part of a productive, healthy identity.

The Future of Indeed - (16:00)
- Indeed wants to be the place where people all over the world go first to get hired.
- For Paul, this means building consideration so that when someone decides to look for a job, they think of Indeed first, while also encouraging small businesses to come directly to Indeed for hiring.
- "We invest in building a brand so that we come to mind in the right circumstances." - Paul D'Arcy
- This requires a mix of brand and performance, which can be challenging.
- "The arbitrage value of marketing is one of the things that is hardest to measure." - Paul D'Arcy

Marketing to Long-Term Memory - (26:20)
- It's easy to forget that rational advertising is inversely correlated with growth. Buying is mostly subconscious and emotional.
- "To help people remember you and think of you in the right time, [you have] to trigger an emotion. Make someone feel something that they'll remember for a long time." - Paul D'Arcy
- Mechanisms for emotional advertising are limited. According to Paul, nothing works better than video, and TV is particularly effective.
- People still watch large amounts of TV, but younger audiences are quickly changing their behavior, so it's important for marketers to invent new ways to solve these tough problems.

Mentioned by Ian: Paul's Three core values of successful marketing teams blog post - (30:45)

Creative Campaigns - (35:00)
- One of Paul's favorite campaigns is the work his team has done in Japan.
- "I'm often most proud of the things I've had the least say in. By setting up the organization, great work has made its way into the market and had a real impact." - Paul D'Arcy
- At the same time, creative testing has not been as useful as Paul expected.
- "You want to give creators constraints, because that produces the best work, but you also don't want a board overlooking all of the creative decisions, otherwise you're just going to get watered down work." - Ian Faison
- To maximize creativity, Indeed moved away from an agency of record and now works directly with great creative people to continually obtain different views and try different things.

Pardot Lightning Round - (40:30)
- Favorite vacation spot: Colombia
- Favorite book: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson
- What should all marketers read? Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp
- Best advice for a first time CMO? Marketing is not one thing. It varies from organization to organization, so before you accept a CMO job, it's important to understand what the CEO and the leadership team's view of marketing and their expectations are to find the right fit for you.
- Most exciting thing in the future of marketing? Evolving technology that gives a clearer view of who is visiting sites across devices, identities, and users to serve people the right way.
- Paul's blog: Science of Revenue and Instagram: @a_theory_of_gray

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