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Today’s episode features an interview with Peter Schwartz (Twitter | LinkedIn). Peter is a futurist, and the Senior Vice President for planning at Salesforce. Peter is also the founder of the global business network, and the author multiple books, including The Art of the Long View.

On this episode, Peter discusses how technologies of the future like AI and augmented reality will affect marketers in the future. He also talks about storytelling and what it was like creating the world of the future with Stephen Spielberg for the movie Minority Report.

Who is Peter Schwartz? - (1:40)
- Peter's background as a futurist and business executive.

Storytelling - (2:36)
- “Storytelling is a very important idea. We tell ourselves stories all day long. Stories give meaning for facts. They give context for our lives. Stories are central to our life. They are with us all the time. ” - Peter Schwartz
- Stories have defined structures and that is true everywhere: short stories, movies, novels, and marketing messages

Inventing the Future - (4:38)
- How a little known Apple video called "The Knowledge Navigator" shaped technology trends for decades.
- Minority Report created a "vision that moves people."
- “The idea was that people would say, a decade from when the movie came out, 'that's just like Minority Report!' And that is exactly what happened." - Peter Schwartz
- What the process was like for creating Minority Report and other movies. (War Games, Sneakers, Deep Impact)

Project a Brand Into the Future - (14:15)
- How Lexus’s product placement in Minority Report and Black Panther helped establish it as a futuristic brand.
- The long tail impact of product marketing on timeless stories.

The Most Exciting Technologies of the Future - (17:37)
- Technologists, marketers, and futurists need to take the fear out of AI.
- “The role of AI is to take the complexity and the friction out of life.” - Peter Schwartz
- Examples include travel, driving, and healthcare.
- AI has the potential to delight and surprise us in ways that we did not anticipate.

Marketing & Technology Change - (26:15)
- AI is going to help marketers target the right people. Good marketers are going to need to know how to tell compelling messages.
- AI + marketing will augment jobs, rather than replacing them.
- “There will be some job losses but history tells us overwhelmingly that we will create more jobs than we destroy.” - Peter Schwartz
- How autonomous driving will create jobs for truck drivers.
- “It takes imagination to see the jobs of the future.” - Peter Schwartz

Voice & AR: Interfaces of the Future- (34:00)
- Ear pieces like AirPods will provide relevant real time information. - “Voice is going to become ubiquitous. It’s the natural human interface. It’s what we do. We talk to each other.” - Peter Schwartz
- Augmented reality will set up parallel viewable realities that can be accessed with technology.

Unknown Unkowns- (41:10)
- How do you look for dangers and problems that cannot be anticipated?
- First, it takes imagination. Then, it takes intense research.

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