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Peter Isaacson is the CMO of Demandbase and one of the originators of the ABM product category. He joined us to explain how to optimize ABM. He also gave tips for better storytelling and category creation.

Peter's Background - (2:00)
- How agency advertising work helped prepare Peter for a career in marketing.
- It taught him to think on his feet, to present well, and to tell a story.

Storytelling & Category Creation - (4:50)
- “I just think that actually having the ability to tell a story really well is an important skill: Instead of just feeding out facts and figures, being able to actually weave it into a narrative that captures your audience, actually makes them interested, and leads them to want to ask questions and really understand the topic. That’s a skill that is talked about a lot in marketing but not always delivered on by marketers. ” - Peter Isaacson
- Peter Explains why his yearly and half-yearly marketing plans can always be delivered in under a minute and a half.
- Why CMO tenure has been increasing from its previous nadir, and how senior marketers can do an even better job of demonstrating business impact.

ABM - (10:15)
- Peter's Definition: “Account based marketing is all about identifying the accounts that are going to make the biggest impact on your business and then coordinating activities with your sales team to generate awareness and engage those accounts and close those accounts and then keep them happy customers.”
- How intent marketing is changing and how marketers are bringing in external signals to identify intent before it becomes obvious.
- “This stuff has been going on for a while, the difference in what is so exciting now, is that before it was a manual, sometimes analog process.” - Peter Isaacson

How to Create a Category - (23:23)
- Developing a category was Peter's first big step in developing a successful tenure at Demandbase."
- “In order for a category to really be a category, we needed three things to happen: You needed customers to be buying it, you needed media to be writing about it, and you needed analysts to be talking about it.” - Peter Isaacson
- Why working with analysts at companies like Gartner was so important for Peter in creating a category and ultimately achieving success with Demandbase.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - (26:20)
- “It’s amazing how quickly AI has become just a core part of how marketing gets done.” - Peter Isaacson
- AI augments human intelligence to create insights that could never be leveraged with human analysis alone.
- AI helps with both analysis and automation.
- Why AI needs to get out of the "black box" mentality and allow marketers and sales reps access to the rationale and algorithms behind its decisions.
- “That just comes down to being able to synthesize through tons of data and getting it down to the individual level. A salesperson can do it for a single account or their handful of accounts in their patch, but you can’t do that at scale and you just need AI machine learning. That’s again the part of the promise of it.” - Peter Isaacson
- Why a 360 degree account view is the next big thing in ABM.

Pardot Lightning Round - (41:18)
- Peter’s best piece of advice for a first time CMO? “Understand what your priorities are of your CEO because if you are not in alignment with your CEO and what’s important to them, no matter how great a job you do on the things that you view are important, you will not succeed in that company.”
- Peter's best campaign, worst campaign, and favorite podcast.
- What is Peter most excited for about the future of marketing? "ABM is quickly becoming part of the core technology stack and one of the pillars of B2B marketing technology stack along with CRM and marketing automation. What I think is really going to be interesting in the next two, three, four years is how marketing automation and ABM kind of come together because having a separate marketing pillar around marketing automation and a separate stack built around ABM or a platform around that doesn’t make much sense."

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