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Executive Summary:
In Part 1 of our SiriusDecisions recap, we brought you interviews with CEOs for a high-level look at some of the biggest and most important Marketing Trends. For this episode, we wanted to talk to people who are a little closer to the action for more tactical insights. Part 2 of our recap features interviews with three practitioners, as they discuss their most important insights and lessons learned from the SiriusDecisions 2019 B2B Marketing Summit.

Bios: Sara McNamara (LinkedIn | Twitter) is Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Cloudera, an enterprise data platform.
Asher Mathew (LinkedIn | Twitter) is VP of Business Development at LeanData, a revenue operations platform.
Jeff Davis (LinkedIn | Twitter) is Founder & Revenue Strategist at JD2 Consulting Group, a management consulting firm working with B2B businesses on sales and marketing alignment.

Interview with Sara McNamara and Asher Mathew - (1:20)

- Data dysfunction is a major problem. Finding targets is no longer the problem, it's matching contacts with content that is relevant to them in the moment.
- "There is the company engine, the customer engine and the product engine. That's what tech companies do. And if you look at it like that, then whether you call it CRO, CMO, or CEO doesn't really matter. But the DNA needs to be about customer centricity." - Asher Mathew
- "I feel like people recognize that we need to focus more on like delivering value. That's not just the product, we really need to form a partnership." - Sara McNamara

Interview with Jeff Davis - (10:55)
- A common problem is that there are both communication silos and data silos, which can lead to misalignment and a failure to optimize messaging.
- "What I have found is that everybody thinks that sales and marketing are at war. They don't know each other and there is a lack of empathy, because they really don't truly understand what it means to be a marketer and they don't understand what it means to be in sales." - Jeff Davis
- "Customer service really is the new currency of the B2B company." - Jeff Davis
- Data is enabling marketers and sales reps to provide more value at every step of the customer interaction.

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