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Sydney Sloan is no stranger to Marketing Trends, in fact she’s already been a two-time guest. But when Salesforce released its State of Marketing report, we felt Sydney was the perfect guest to give her take on some of the report’s findings and to simply catch up on all the things she’s working on as the CMO of SalesLoft. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Sydney talks about why virtual events are not going away anytime soon, best uses for ABM, and what she liked and disliked about the report.

3 Takeaways:

  • You can’t recreate the experience of an event, but you can provide tangible experiences to a broader audience virtually
  • During tough times, brands need to be emphasizing teaching, learning, and value for their customers 
  • The hardest part of ABM is picking the accounts, once you understand that, the execution is simple

Key Quotes:

“As much as we’re trying to create that virtual experience, you don’t get the human action. You don’t get the two-day deep immersion in learning, and networking, and that commitment of time that you’re putting aside. And so I do wonder how that’s going to be re-imagined.”

“We get to reimagine and recreate what the new approach to events is going to be. That’s why I decided to get involved with events.”

“The best model I’ve seen so far is that first, you have to get your core group together. So those 20 or 30 people commit to being there week-to-week and evolving the conversation together. Having great facilitators is the next one, people that can carry a conversation, and then really involving the chat as part of the conversation.”

“In these times teaching, learning, and giving away things for free of value is the long game. And as a brand, what you’re giving without asking for anything in return, is going to pay dividends in the long run.”

“The wonderful thing about account-based is that it is a forcing function for sales and marketing to get on the same page and to support each other.”

“The more that you can get closer to owning the revenue — which may mean pipeline, which means managing the SDR team — the higher value you become into the equation.”

“The number of channels that you add is an exponential increase in the likelihood that that lead will turn into an opportunity.”

“The hardest part about ABM is picking the accounts. Once you have it, then the execution can all be managed, but how do you make sure that you’ve picked enough?”

“It’s about focus, alignment, using data to really understand who the right buyers are and then putting all of your investments of marketing dollars and people to those accounts.”


Sydney Sloan is an accomplished marketing executive with deep experience across customer experience, product marketing, demand generation and communications. Sydney brings passion, skill and a customer-centric focus to drive tangible results. She has a strong track record of building global teams and bringing new products to market as she is able to link business strategies through execution and customer adoption. A creative, solutions-driven and achievement-oriented individual experienced in developing and executing marketing strategies to build awareness and generate demand across a variety of customer and industry segments. 

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