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In today’s tech age, much of our life and work is on the go. And while we’ve all used messaging applications to stay informed, none of them really keep us connected the way we need to be. Enter Staffbase’s Director of Marketing Jason Etter and President and Co-Founder Frank Wolf, the men who are on a mission to help the forgotten employee. On today’s episode of Marketing Trends, Jason and Frank stress the importance of company culture in the digital era, the value of simplistic and meaningful messaging, and why events are the best way to meet and understand your clients.

3 Takeaways:

– There is no way to fake company culture. Great culture must be the foundation and framework for your operational and business models.
– Right now we are all confined to virtual communication, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to still make sincere, memorable experiences for the people you’re connecting with.
– One of the most effective ways to market your product and get people talking to you organically is through events. Events create opportunities for meaningful moments and conversations.

Key Quotes:

“We talk about the forgotten employee. These people have been forgotten in the past and it’s something we want to change.” –Frank

“Compared to 20 years ago, employees have so many more ways now to share their experiences at their companies. Think about Glassdoor, think about all other social media platforms out there. Whatever they see inside your company, will at one point also end up externally. So there is no way anymore to fake company culture or to fake a good image of a company from the outside.” –Frank

“The world as we know has completely changed in a way that is sort of providing a clarity in terms of content, right? People are really scared. Their focus is on taking care of their people.” –Jason

“The most important thing that people need in an employee comms application or in an app, especially if they’re on the front line, is typically the lunch or cafeteria menu. Because usually it’s provided by companies and for a lot of people it’s a basic reason to look into this once a day. And if they do that once a day, you basically have established a channel.” –Frank

“People don’t look at this just thinking if they’ll like it, they look at it and think about if the thousands of employees at their company will like it.” –Frank

“It’s the tiny little moments throughout the event that make it magical… With a virtual experience, it’s a totally new ballgame in terms of how do you reach someone in a meaningful way when they are thousands of miles away. That is definitely on my mind right now.” –Jason


Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf is an intranet and communication expert and author of the “Social Intranet” book. He has more than a decade of experience working with enterprise software from holding leading positions with Accenture and T-Systems. He is passionate about digital technologies that create an enjoyable place to work.

Jason Etter
Jason heads the U.S. marketing and brand strategy for Staffbase and has served as an expert in operational leadership, marketing, sales, and business development for more than ten years. He’s obsessed with thinking outside the box and brings his distinctive energy wherever he goes. With a background in theatre and film history, he’s ventured into the world of podcasting and currently stars in Staffbase’s YouTube videos.

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