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This episode of Marketing Trends features part 2 of our interview with Rob Norman, Director of US Field Marketing at Box. On this episode, Rob talks all about pipeline: How to generate demand, how to measure pipeline, how to work with sales to attribute credit, and more.

If you would like to listen to part 1 where Rob talks all about international marketing and the differences in marketing in France, the UK, and Silicon Valley, click here.

Field Marketing - (1:30)
- How field marketing has become much more sophisticated.
- Why ABM has become a key pillar of field marketing strategy.
- Why field marketers need to become much more specialized.

Enterprise Cloud Marketing - (5:55)
- “I think that Demand Gen got really hung up on the sequencing of content and the sequencing of engagements. But it's impossible to actually get that spot on, because you're effectively trying to map behavior, and behavior is chaotic and unpredictable.”
- Rob lays out how to use predictive analytics and intent technologies in enterprise cloud marketing.
- “I think you've gotta have experts in your disciplines. But I think it's then the role of the campaigns and the field marketing teams to actually start to knit those together so that there's a coherent experience.”

General Marketing Tips - (18:20)
- Rob tells us the one thing he wishes he knew earlier in his career.
- “I think that the disconnect between portfolio, or product marketing, and demand marketing, is fundamental. And I think if those two are siloed, it means the efficacy and return that you see from demand marketing is going to struggle.”
- Rob discusses one of the most overlooked but most important elements of effective marketing: A well-run database.

Lightning Round - (27:10)
- Rob tell us his favorite Cricket batsman, favorite vacation spot, favorite app, favorite book, and what he’s most excited for about the future of marketing.

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