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Many international organizations struggle to maintain a cohesive message while also adapting to local differences in foreign markets. To better understand how to achieve this balance, we brought in Rob Norman.

Rob is the director of US Field Marketing at Box. He was born, raised, and educated in the UK, and spent the first five years of his career working in technology consulting in France. He subsequently spent a number of years as a technology marketer, first in France, and subsequently in London, before hopping the pond to Silicon Valley.

On this episode Rob also discusses the secret to great demand gen, and his best tip for aligning sales and marketing.

The Beginning of Rob's Career and His Experience in International Marketing - (2:25)
- Rob moved from consulting, to sales, to marketing.
- "I became much more interested in the value of what technology brings to organizations, and that's marketing." - Rob Norman
- Rob went from France to the UK, before Marketing Trend's own Lauren Vaccarello brought him to Silicon Valley.

Demand Gen & Sales Alignment - (6:04)
- Rob on what demand gen is: It is defining the target audience and structuring the way in which a company targets prospects. It is driving engagement until they are ready to engage with sales.
- How do you know if you are in alignment with sales? "Oh, they'll tell you."
- The key to working with sales is being humble, listening more than you speak, and understanding their objectives. Ideally, it should function as one cohesive team.

International Marketing 101 - (9:05)
- The biggest mistake marketers make when going international? Thinking in "blocks."
- Regions like EMEA and APAC mean nothing to your customers. You have to speak to them in their language and culture.
- HQs should let local teams lead the way. Those marketers know their markets best.

Organizational Design for International Marketing - (13:05)
- How do you balance standardization with adapting to foreign markets? Strong partnerships.
- Xs and Os of organizational design: How to balance the responsibilities of global teams, regional teams, and local field marketers.
- Regional teams need a campaign person,product marketing, and digital/demand gen.
- Regional teams need to take responsibility for their results.
- “How you’re structured as a company means literally nothing to the person who’s buying your product.” - Ian Faison

Lessons Moving From the UK to the US - (19:50)
- The pace is greater at HQ and the agility and autonomy is greater in the field.
- The difference is not so great when it comes to demand gen strategy. There are tactical differences, but these are typically smaller and quite manageable.
- It is crucial for there to be interlock between demand marketing and portfolio/product marketing.

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