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This episode of Marketing Trends features an interview with Ryan Bonnici. He is currently the CMO of G2, and previously served as the senior director of global marketing at Hubspot, and the head of marketing of APAC at Salesforce.

On this episode, Ryan discusses his background and how he turned a job as a flight attendant into a career in marketing. He also dives deep into how he has been able to successfully drive growth, including how he was able to generate $64 million with a $6k campaign.

Ryan’s Start in Marketing - (2:00)
- Ryan started his professional career as a flight attendant.
- On a long flight, he met a marketer who worked at Microsoft, and managed to turn that chance meeting into a job in marketing.
- “I was one of those kids that was a little bit weird in the sense that from the age of 10 I always knew I wanted to be a CMO." - Ryan Bonnici

G2 and Ryan’s Role as CMO - (8:20)
- Ryan looks at employee reviews and product reviews before taking a new job, and that’s how he decided to join G2.
- G2 helps people find the right marketing and sales tools and provides marketing solutions.

The Review Economy - (17:30)
- G2 is working hard to make sure that reviews are legitimate and can’t be weaponized or tampered with.
- Video reviews are the wave of the future.
- How does G2 get their reviews? One third come organically, one third come from software companies, and one third are acquired.

Building a High Performance Marketing Organization - (27:00)
- Ryan feels that G2’s content operation is industry-leading and sets them apart from the competition.
- “I remember six months into the role, I was at my second board meeting. And the board was seeing that traffic was growing faster than it had ever grown before, demand gen was really picking up and starting to scale, and they asked, ‘Where's the brand work?’ I remember saying to them directly, 'Well, look guys, to be completely honest, I haven't done anything on the brand because if I nailed brand and hadn't nailed traffic and demand gen, you would fire me. I didn't want to get fired. You guys now can't fired me because I've crushed my numbers, and so brand's a little bit subjective, and I know you all want to improve it, and I'm going to do that right now.’ That's the reality, and I think they all got it.” - Ryan Bonnici
- “The crushing goals thing is in my DNA.” - Ryan Bonnici
- He always finds his own events incredibly stressful. He has found that you generally get a little less than 50% of your RSVPs to actually show up.

39:00 - Turning $6k into $64 million
- Most people don’t know how to drive traffic and demand.
- Ryan thinks truly understanding search is one of the most important parts of growth marketing.
- Mentioned by Ian: Clickz CPM calculator
- Mentioned by Ryan: Hubspot email signature template generator

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