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Shannon Pruitt (Twitter | LinkedIn) is the president of SMPI Marketing Group. She previously served as the CMO of The Honest Company, President and CEO of The Story Lab, and VP of Integrated Solutions of Warner Brothers.

On this episode, Shannon shares her secrets on how to form great partnerships with brands for original branded content. She also talks about some of the most important things she learned from being a CMO and gives tips on how to create great influencer marketing.

Shannon's Background - (2:30)
- Shannon got her start in marketing in high school when a teacher encouraged her.
- She kicked off her professional career helping to promote MasterCard at the World Cup.

Experience & Relationship Marketing - (6:45)
- "Experience used to be isolated to an event, but now the experience a consumer has is in every interaction with a brand." - Shannon Pruitt
- According to Shannon, "Every interaction is a chance to tell a story."

Storytelling and Original Content - (9:55)
- Storytelling is a skill that has guided Shannon's entire career.
- Shannon worked on American Idol, The Apprentice, America's Got Talent, and other famous media properties.
- The ability to create 360 degree experiences was based on consumer's ability to see themselves in the media properties that she was working with.
- She learned collaboration, compromise, and the ability to see around corners.
- "The throughline of all these famous shows is this element of transformation. Brands want to be associated with transformation." - Ian Faison

Evergreen Content - (22:45)
- "All marketing should be how we define content marketing. It's valuable, it's relevant, and it's at the time and place that you want it."
- Understand the whole consumer. You have to understand consumers beyond what immediately matters to your brand.
- When approaching this type of content, you have to know what success looks like.
- You also have to be testing and measuring.

CMO Tips - (26:00)
- The volume of inbound pitches is overwhelming.
- For Shannon, this has overwhelmed her innate human instinct to be kind.
- The quality of outreach is decreasing. It's more important than ever to have relationships of trust.

Influencer Marketing - (41:00)
- "Influence is really about relevance." - Shannon Pruitt
- The world of influencers is only going to get bigger and stronger.
- Just like any campaign, it is important to test and measure. There is a lot left still to figure out.
- It's important to allow influencers to craft the message with your input. They know how to communicate authentically with their audience.
- Mentioned by Ian: Brother Nature

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