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We’ve all spent countless hours on-hold just waiting for a customer service representative to answer the smallest of questions. But what if your query could be handled by a bot that acted and communicated like a human? That reality is already here, and you may have experienced it without even knowing. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Evan Kohn, the Chief Business Officer and Head of Marketing at Pypestream, discusses how conversational A.I. is changing the way we communicate and why call centers are a thing of the past.

Key Takeaways:

  • Single-use chats don’t possess the intelligence, privacy and personalization that conversational A.I. does, which makes the latter more likely to be a big part of the future
  • Approximately 80% of call-center requests can actually be handled via conversational intelligence. Knowing this stat, companies have been and will continue to deploy the technology to free up human capital 
  • Messaging and conversational A.I. allow for more flexibility in preference on feedback to measure customer satisfaction. When customers have more options, you are more likely to capture the data needed to continue improving

Key Quotes:

“Consumers hate calling call centers and they hate emailing customer support and waiting days to hear back.”

“Conversational A.I. allows you to interact with a brand in a personalized manner. t knows your context. It knows you as a user and you can actually get something done.”

“Advanced, secure, transactional, scalable, personalized, conversational A.I. that is user-focused with context can deliver a hyper-personalized experience with privacy, with speed, and a wide scope to it.”

“80% of engagements don’t even need to escalate to a human in a call center if they’re designed really well. If they’re integrated with a number of backend systems for that company, that enables consumers to engage across a range of topics in a delightful user experience.”

“Messaging and conversational A.I. really allow for a lot of flexibility in terms of a company’s preferences on that feedback loop and how they want to measure customer satisfaction.”

“The death of the call center is being accelerated. Given these shifts in consumer expectations, it’s just a new paradigm. Nine-to-five customer service is dead.”

“Trustworthiness equals credibility plus reliability plus intimacy, all divided by self-orientation.”


Evan Kohn drove Pypestream’s growth from stealth concept in 2015 to the market-leader in conversational AI today. He is the creator of PypePro, an AI onboarding methodology used by Fortune 500 firms. A digital marketing and CX leader, Evan has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, VentureBeat, and Newsweek.

Evan’s background includes leadership roles in venture-backed Silicon Valley startups and strategy consulting. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and master’s degrees from the London School of Economics and Columbia University.

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