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Joel Horwitz relates digital accessibility to the ramp at the end of every sidewalk. Why was there a time when it wasn’t there? Why weren’t we thinking about the people who needed those ramps before they were built? While today, we can’t imagine an intersection or sidewalk without a ramp, the same cannot be said for the internet. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Joel, the Chief Product Officer of AudioEye, discusses why it’s time for companies to start complying with ADA regulations everywhere on the web. Plus he explains the importance of compliance and why his team is making it easy for companies not to be complacent.

3 Takeaways:

  • Digital accessibility is not a matter of compliance, it’s a matter of integrity
  • Accessibility is viewed as an add-on or overhead by marketers and a check on the website development list — but it should be more than that
  • Marketers need to get more creative in order to reach their target audience

Key Quotes:

“There’s a really interesting intersection between engineering and marketing, where you can use data to analyze a market, look at pricing models, look at financial models, look at doing things like joint analysis to figure out features in a product. And it just really excited me because I never knew that marketing actually had so much match involved.”

“If you aren’t really thinking about usability and accessibility, your site is very inaccessible.”

“People take the American Disabilities Act extremely seriously. If your site is not digitally accessible, in essence, it’s like having a restaurant that doesn’t have a disability parking spot in the parking area.”

“Sometimes accessibility is viewed as an add-on or overhead. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that accessibility for the longest time had been seen as kind of this shift-left idea. Where it was confined— or really thought of — as a development check.”

“We’re trying to really make marketers aware of the fact it doesn’t have to be a costly exercise. You can do this today.”

“It’s no longer an optional kind of thing that people can be complacent about. People are really waking up to the fact that this is something that they need to build into how they design and release digital experiences.”

“Marketers have to get much more creative to get to their desired targets.”

“Know the customer. Get to know them. Understand the full sales experience around them.”

“It’s not just a matter of compliance, it’s a matter of integrity.”


Joel Horwitz is a passionate data guru educated in engineering, chemistry, and programming. He combined these disciplines to earn a Masters of Science in the area of Nanotechnology from the University of Washington.  Later he pursued his MBA in International Commerce from the University of Pittsburgh, Katz School of Business.

He’s held positions at Intel Corporation and AVG Technologies in the area of Product Strategy and Development.  Joel was responsible for developing Analytics and Growth at Datameer where he launched the Analytics App Market, A/B testing platform for “Growth Hacking”, and a SaaS version of the product to grow the overall web traffic 20% month over month while decreasing spend 50% in the same time period. In addition, by reducing the amount of setup friction the conversion rate nearly doubled in 60 days.

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