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If there is one thing Isamar Batisita is passionate about, its subscription services. As monthly pay-as-you go services grow in popularity, so does the demand and competitiveness in the industry. Batista, the Vice President of Marketing & Owned Brands at Scentbird, joined Marketing Trends to discuss how Scentbird utilizes email marketing to grow their subscription base. Plus she explains why social media is humanizing to a brand and details the importance of being honest with your customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be honest: Don’t try and trick your subscribers. Be honest with them and educate them from the beginning. Just because someone subscribes today, doesn’t mean they will remain loyal. You need to educate your consumers on what they are buying.
  • Time to Get Real: Use social media to connect your brand to your consumers. Using these platforms allows you to take the corporate jargon out of marketing while humanizing your organization.
  • Pop Quiz!: If you’re running a subscription service, incorporate a quiz into your onboarding efforts. If a consumer participates in a quiz, you already have buy-in.

Key Quotes:

“I never thought that you can actually find a dream job, but working at Scentbird I feel very fortunate.”

“I’m super passionate about including a quiz and the onboarding a part of your funnel. If you put someone through a quiz, they’re more committed to whatever you’re selling them because they sat there for a minute. They had to think through their favorite occasion and seasons. So now there’s an investment.”

“Paid social is a top channel for us and we use a lot of influencers speaking to the fragrances that you’re trying. People just really want to see different people trying different perfumes and speaking to the fragrance.”

“We use data to guide our marketing efforts, but to take that a step further, we also use our customers and the data to create new fragrances.”

“The biggest challenge with subscription-based services is the commitment required from the customer and then the flexibility [from the company]. You need to make sure from a marketing standpoint that there’s a lot of education during the onboarding so that they know exactly when they’re going to be charged, they know exactly how much they’re going to be charged, and that they understand their options.”

“During your social media or your email marketing, be very straightforward and very clear from the beginning so there are no surprises.”

“For us, it’s very important that we are getting rid of the corporate jargon and getting more real on social media.”


Isamar Batista is a results-driven & passionate marketing leader with 10 years of experience in customer relationship, email marketing, brand marketing, digital marketing and social media. Isamar is a one of a kind marketer who is both creative and analytical with a strong technical background and a proven track record leading high performing Brand Marketing & CRM teams at JustFab, ShoeDazzle (TechStyle Fashion Group) and RetailWinds (parent company of New York & Company and Kate Hudson’s sustainable clothing line Happy X Nature).

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