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Collin Holmes marketing journey started at the local level and today, he’s still working locally, but at a much larger scale. Collin is the CEO of Chatmeter, which offers an all-in-one SEO platform to help local businesses succeed in building brand recognition and engaging with customers quickly and efficiently. When you think SEO, you probably think keywords and when you think customer engagement, you probably think about social media or Yelp reviews. But it’s so much more than that. And when you do it correctly at the local level, there is a world of opportunity available to you. Collin explains all of that and more on this episode of Marketing Trends.

Key Takeaways:

The expectation of the consumer has changed today — they are looking for engagement and if you don’t, they may go somewhere else.

– Voice is changing the way people are searching and that creates a new environment for businesses to adapt to and optimize for.

– Communication with customers is more important now than ever. You have to make sure that even in tough times, you are keeping those lines of communication open.

Key Quotes:

“[As a photographer] you’re often standing back and looking at the world in different ways, and that’s a lot of what we do in marketing.”

“What’s really starting to happen now is a shift of how you’re delivering that information to both consumers and to the search engines. With things like the rise in voice search, for example, the search queries are very different that we’re seeing. In the past, in local, you may just type in coffee near me. But since voice is so much easier, I may be asking either Google or Siri, ‘Where’s the best place for a soy milk vanilla latte downtown,?’ It’s a very complex query and takes a lot of things into consideration.”

“Consumers are looking to see if you’re responding to reviews. If not, they figure, ‘You don’t care about your customers, so I’m not going to go there anyway.’”

“People recognize the importance of these reviews and these customer communications. The customers, if they have a poor experience, they want to be heard, they want it to be addressed. It’s not only that they’re just trying to prevent other people from going there. In some cases, they just want to understand if you’re listening to them and can help provide a solution to their problem.”

“I think is the most important thing during a crisis is communicating. And essentially over-communicating and staying close to your customer base, understanding what the impacts are from their side and just trying to work through this together.”

Collin Holmes, Founder and CEO, started Chatmeter in August 2009. Prior to Chatmeter, Holmes was VP of Product Management and Marketing at V-Enable (now xAD). His extensive experience in the local search industry, both online and mobile, provides a solid foundation for the direction of the company. He has worked in leadership roles at several other startup companies and held other notable positions in product and marketing roles at Akamai Technologies and AT&T Wireless. He earned his MBA from San Diego State University and a BA from UC Riverside.

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