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Edward Nevramount is a speaker and executive consultant with one mission — to help marketing teams grow their business. On this episode of Marketing Trends, the former CMO of General Assembly talks through a number of hot topics — most notably that personalization is only as hard as marketers make it out to be. He also explains why rebrands for known companies are never a good idea, and offers his three-step process for great marketing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most effective way to utilize personalization is simple:  ask the customer what they want, and then give them what they want
  • Rebranding for the sake of rebranding is always the wrong decision. Companies that resonate with their customers and then try to reinvent themselves risk alienating their base
  • The process of good marketing follows three steps: Search, scale and refine

Key Quotes:

“As soon as you start treating marketing as just doing advertising, you’re doing it wrong. Marketing is fundamentally about how you grow a business and — in many businesses — the CMO is the one who’s in charge of that.”

“The problem in marketing is not so much that marketing is BS. It’s that there is a lot of BS in marketing.” 

“The most effective personalization is asking what your customers want, and then giving them what they want.”

“If you’re not a very good marketer, you should be doing what the data tells you, because the data is going to serve you better than your own intuition. We all should aspire to be better than the data and to get to the point where we can look at the data and know when to believe the data and when to question it.”

“When the anecdotes and the data disagree, the anecdotes are usually right and you’re measuring something wrong.”

“Change is bad. If you have brand elements, getting people to remember and connect with those brand elements is really, really hard. Once you’ve made those connections, you don’t want to lose them. Yet brands reinvent themselves all the time and it’s almost always the wrong decision.”

“The process of doing good marketing is search, scale and refine.” 


Edward Nevraumont helps great companies grow beyond expectation. One of the most consistently successful executives in business, he has become the go-to resource for private equity and venture capital firms that want to accelerate the growth of their portfolio companies. As CMO/CRO at General Assembly, he built and prepared the company for a $412.5mm sale to Adecco. He steered A Place for Mom from the brink of collapse to generating 30% annual growth over multiple years. As an executive at Expedia, Edward created the VIP Hotel program, Expedia Rewards, and the first landing pages organization. He previously worked for McKinsey & Company, P&G, and holds an MBA from the Wharton School.

Edward’s presentations combine vibrant humor and quick wit (Edward has years of stand-up comedy experience, including competing in the finals at the Melbourne Comedy Festival), goal-setting and self-discipline (Edward completed an IRONMAN race in under 12 hours) and appreciation for global cultures (Edward has traveled to 55 countries around the globe, including 17 countries with his young children)

Today Edward is one of the most in-demand executive consultants and international speakers on the market. He advises companies across industries, including SMB, SaaS, marketplaces, eCommerce, CPG, non-profit, NGOs, and media conglomerates. His latest book, Marketing BS, was published in 2019 by Lionscrest.

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