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How much content has your company generated? And where does it all live? Could you find it if you wanted to? Well, you could if you were using Algolia’s products. Having a powerful search engine is critical to bringing to light content that will help build your company’s brand and credibility. Ashley Stirrup knows this, and as the CMO of Algolia, he’s helping to make sure that other companies know it, too. He talks about the power of search, the importance of building credibility and so much more on this episode of Marketing Trends.

3 Takeaways:

You have to build credibility in order to build trust and create sales

– Having a powerful search engine provides an opportunity to promote and make available content that would otherwise disappear into the dark hole of the internet 

– You need to figure out how to build campaigns that touch different customers in different ways

Key Quotes:

“What we help companies do is focus on increasing conversion rates. We often see people having a 30% increase in terms of conversion or likelihood to buy after implementing the Algolia search engine.”

“Obviously credibility is super important in terms of building trust during a sales cycle, if nothing else. And so, every company has different assets that you leverage.”

“The other element to good marketing is you want to have as many case studies as possible, but you also want to help your salesforce show up as that trusted partner and show up with insights that the customer doesn’t have. You want to show a sales rep how to actually guide the customer through their buying process in a way where they feel like that trusted partner and not just somebody trying to be a vendor and close the transaction.”

“Why I got excited about coming to Algolia was that as a CMO I was working on building so much content for so many different use cases and personas, developers and businesses.”

“One of the things that keep me up at night is that I’ve got great content that has never seen the light of day. Maybe it’s on YouTube, or it’s on some hidden page on our site, but there are only so many things we can promote. And so this idea of being able to have a search engine that allows anybody to go find it is really exciting.” 

 “It’s such a cliche to say two-thirds of the buyer’s journey now happens online, but when you look at the data, it’s really true….So it’s about making sure that you’re aligning your content strategy around that journey and by persona.”

“We’re really working on making sure we’re aligned with sales around our go-to-markets and then building integrated campaigns. It’s about how you build campaigns that touch customers seven times in seven different ways. So it’s really about a mixture of channels and messages that all are aligned around these core use cases and core value propositions that we’re trying to get out there in the marketplace. That kind of alignment across the channels is really important.”


Ashley Stirrup is the CMO of Algolia, which offers solutions that deliver real-time, typo-tolerant, and location-aware search in developers’ applications and websites. At Algolia, Ashley leads the corporate marketing strategy and supports the company’s expansion. Previously, Ashley was CMO at Talend, where he was responsible for driving market leadership, global awareness, product marketing and demand generation. Prior to Talend, Ashley also served in executive marketing roles at Citrix Systems, ServiceSource and Taleo Corporation.

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