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While it may seem  like we are further apart than we’ve ever been before, we have actually never been more connected than we are today. That’s a lesson that Heather Craft and her team at Hotwire Global have learned first-hand. With offices around the world, Craft and her team have had to rely on internal communication strategies to keep their clients satisfied. How have they done that? On this episode of Marketing Trends, Heather breaks down exactly how her team stays connected, and why those strategies are important. Plus, she explains why the relationship between employee and brand has never been more important.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inter-Communication Rises in Need: In order to be the best in this department, you need to have a fundamental understanding of the information that the client needs, but you also need to grasp that you won’t have all those answers. Understand your strengths, then rely on your internal team to fill-in the gaps where you don’t have the answers.
  • Let Me Tell You a Story: The ability to tell a compelling and engaging story has always been at the intersection of where PR and marketing meet. As the two become more interwoven, you need to make sure the stories you are telling are consistent across all channels, not just one.
  • Employee Meet Brand, Brand Meet Employee: The relationship between the employee and the brand they work for is more important than ever. Oftentimes, this relationship has been at the lower part of the pecking order, but as employees seek to work for companies they can align their values with and respect, the significance of this relationship has grown in need.

Key Quotes:

“The ability to tell a very compelling and engaging story has always been sort of PR to the core. But as the marketing mix has evolved, and communications and marketing has become more interwoven with one another, that hasn’t changed. It’s about how you do that and the tactics and the channels that you’re using to be able to tell a good story.”

“If you could have a conversation with an executive where you can get to the crux of the pain that they’re feeling, and the challenge that’s in front of them and what those roadblocks are to achieving their both personal, professional and business goals, you can build a program that is tailored to support those. And more often than not, when you dig into that, it comes back to being able to demonstrate brand value and being a part of that conversation.”

“Employee communications and the power of employer branding often becomes the third, fourth item down on your list. But because of COVID, it’s now number one for a lot of organizations.”

“Employee brand and employee purpose are more important than ever.”

“The best internal comms that I’ve seen has been to get the information that they need to have out there, be open and honest with the things that you don’t have answers to. There is no world and no conversation today that you’re going to go into with your employees where they expect you to know everything, or to have a crystal ball for the future. Keep them updated and really get a lot more folks involved.”


Heather Craft is a communications professional with proven ability to translate the vision of C-­level executives into integrated communications programs that advance business goals, while protecting and improving corporate reputation. Diverse background spans consumer and enterprise technology with Fortune 500, midsize and start­up companies. Heather has extensive experience leading highly effective and motivated teams across multiple geographies.

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