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Every marketer knows that customer experience is important. But Thomas Butta (LinkedIn | Twitter), CMO at SignalFX, takes it a step further. According to Tom, experience is the new brand.

On this episode, Tom explains what he means by this, and discusses how to succeed as a challenger brand. He is also joined by SignalFX Chief Architect Rajesh Raman, who talks about their collaboration together.

Experience is the New Brand - (1:15)
- "People never forget how you make them feel, and now that people have a voice to express how they feel through social media, that voice is now heard. And that voice has power." - Tom Butta
- It's marketing's job to manage engagement so that people are actually listening, but it's the entire company's job to manage the experience that customers have with a given brand.
- "If you actually listen [to people] and you respond in kind, they are willing to give you a second chance. In fact, sometimes how you respond to something that was bad can actually make them an even more loyal customer than they might have been before." - Tom Butta

Common Brand Experience Mistakes - (7:35)
- Brands often make the mistake of not leveraging the power of information to treat people like human beings.
- The experience is no longer just with the physical product, its with the entire service, which is a digital experience.
- SignalFX allows information on the performance of those digital services to be monitored and observed in realtime and continuously over time.
- "A lot of times when we're focused on acquisition, we're not necessarily focused on what it means to be a life long customer." - Ian Faison

Challenger Brands - (12:30)
- A challenger brand is typically a younger upstart bringing a new idea into a very established category.
- When Tom worked at Red Hat, they were leading the industry around open source technology.
- "We were the ultimate challenger brand. We were challenging an entire industry that it doesn't have to be this way." - Tom Butta
- Challenger brands create a "lighthouse identity", one that stands for something important and draws people to it.

Realtime Cloud Monitoring - (16:30)
- Mentioned by Tom and Ian: Rajesh Raman talking about the power of realtime cloud monitoring
- SignalFX has a unique technical architecture, but the challenge for Tom is having to prove that they are superior, while other brands are making the same claims using the language of "realtime."
- "Once you get the product in front of somebody, it's a completely different experience. ... I like to tell people it's the difference between watching a movie and watching a slideshow." - Rajesh Raman
- Mentioned by Tom: The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Arraying Marketing Teams - (30:20)
- High performance, high integrity, and a collaborative culture were important to Tom when arraying his team.
- For leaders that are unable to handpick their teams, Tom advises them to focus on somebody who knows how to do targeted marketing (ABM) to understand their scenario.
- Tom describes their challenge as twofold: one is to support the here and now, providing the content to support the business today. The other is to help build a business for the future.
- "There's always a place for someone who can make sense of things." - Tom Butta

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