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How do marketers get sales organizations to buy in and support their efforts? On this episode of Marketing Trends, we brought in TJ Waldorf to help answer that question. TJ is the Head of Global Marketing at INAP, and spent more than a decade in B2B sales before moving over to marketing.

As TJ sat down with Ian and Lauren, he also discussed how to approach attribution, and what he wish he had known about marketing earlier in his career.

Why TJ moved from sales to marketing - (2:35)
- His journey from sales, to a dual role, to eventually becoming a marketing executive.
- TJ shares misconceptions he might have had about marketing before actually doing it.

"Marketing is here to help you hit your numbers." - (5:00)
- TJ shares tips on how to get sales to appreciate marketing more.
- CMOs and top level marketing leaders should be asking to join sales meetings to understand, inform, and communicate with sales.

Attribution - (9:55)
- “The path to buying is not linear.” - TJ Waldorf
- Lauren and TJ dive deep into tactics for measuring and attribution.
- They reveal some of the chicanery that salespeople and marketers use to boost the amount of revenue attributed to their function.

Content Marketing - (17:50)
- How to segment persona-based content marketing.
- Why it is often better to ask forgiveness rather than permission.
- Mentioned by TJ: The State of IT Infrastructure Management
- Ideas for helping prove the effectiveness of your content marketing.
- Using content marketing as sales enablement: Why TJ conducts knowledge assessments for the sales reps in his organization.
- “The worst thing you can do is put out a piece of content and the sales rep not know about it.”

Sales-Marketing Alignment - (31:50)
- “You’ve really gotta make sure you’re focusing on what matters to them. And if we’re talking about sales people, it’s hitting their number.” - TJ Waldorf
- Why marketers should be looking at sales numbers and measuring their success by sales’ success.
- Staying late when sales is staying late to show that you are in the trenches with them.
- “If you can get people inside excited about what you’re doing, then that allows you to generate excitement externally.” - TJ Waldorf
- TJ on the worst campaign he’s been associated with: “Dollar days can work for hot dogs but not I.T.”

Lightning Round - (45:00)
- One day getaway. Favorite social media follow. Worst advice. Favorite podcast. Favorite Ad. Future of Marketing.

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