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This episode of Marketing Trends was conducted live at the Salesforce World Tour in Chicago. It features an interview with Tracy Eiler (LinkedIn | Twitter), CMO of InsideView and co-author of Aligned to Achieve: How to United Your Sales and Marketing Teams into a Single Force for Growth.

On this episode, Ian and Tracy discuss why sales-marketing alignment is so important, how to achieve it, and common CMO pitfalls to avoid.

Tracy’s Background in Marketing - (01:40)
- Tracy started as an SDR (though it wasn’t called that at the time).
- She caught the marketing bug when she bought a business intelligence console.
- Mentioned: Tracy’s book on sales-marketing alignment:

Sales-Marketing Alignment Best Practices - (03:00)
- Ian compares sales and marketing alignment to his time in the military when guard shifts would blame each other for things that didn’t get done.
- “No finger pointing. There is nobody to blame. You just solve the problem.” - Ian Faison
- According to Tracy, the number one “cause of death” for a senior marketing executive is a Sales VP. Marketing usually goes away first.
- “One of the fundamental differences is salespeople are working on a monthly or quarterly cadence, and marketing is working on a much longer cadence than that. And so that is part of what drives the tension.” - Tracy Eiler
- Tracy has a “Smarketing” meeting every other week between sales and marketing leadership. It’s very tactical, it looks at leads, data, and gets the organizations on the same page.
- Another best practice of Tracy’s is she co-locates new marketers with salespeople when they first start.

Presenting a United Front - (11:02)
- Customers and potential customers don’t see a marketing organization and a sales organization. They just see a company.
- “68% of the buyer's journey is complete before they ever make themselves known to us. So we spend a lot of time thinking about making information super accessible, being easily searchable, and anticipating what they might need.” - Tracy Eiler
- It’s important to perfect the handoff from marketing to sales so that potential customers don’t feel like they are starting from scratch.
- “The hand-offs in the background must be seamless, and that is all about the data and the systems that underlie it.” - Tracy Eiler

Avoiding CMO Pitfalls - (14:30)
- CMOs are rarely invited to sales meetings. Sometimes they just have to crash them.
- To avoid becoming the FNG, you have to force your way into the rhythm of the sales team.
- “There is going to be conflict in the sales and marketing teams, and you can make a difference there by bringing those leaders in the room together.” - Tracy Eiler
- Transparency is absolutely critical. Sales and marketing should know what each other are doing and why they are doing it. Sales should know how lead scoring happens and why.
- “Good marketers are going to study the vocabulary that their buyers are using so that they can help their sellers with content that’s going to match that.” - Tracy Eiler
- “I’d say you’re very hip.” - Ian Faison

Pardot Lightning Round - (29:50)
- Most fun app: Twitter
- Worst advice ever received: Blend in. Dress drab. Don’t stand out.
- Future of Marketing: Chatbot technology.
- Women in Revenue: An organization committed to helping women advance their careers in sales and marketing.

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