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There is one thing that every marketer would say they need: content. But what makes for good content and what makes for the best content? Is it storytelling? Is it authenticity? What content drives engagement, versus what content is merely passable? Kristin Frank is a well-respected and highly-seasoned media expert, and after a 20-year run at MTV, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about content.

“My biggest advice is to not look at marketing, look at it as content. Make sure the story has quirks, make sure it’s compelling, treat each individually as a separate piece of content, and be authentic to the platform. If you do that, you will have a relationship with your consumers that you can then speak to them in any way, and they will trust you.”

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Kristin, now the CEO of AdPredictive, explains why after a successful career with Viacom and MTV, she had the itch to ditch her comfy enterprise digs and roll her sleeves up with a startup. Kristin also explains why different forms of content resonate with various platforms, how to attack those different channels and how AdPredictive is playing a role in helping marketers turn insights into advertising. Enjoy!

Main Takeaways:

  • Not All Platforms are Created Equal: The way people absorb content differs greatly depending on what channel they are using and the way marketers push their content should accommodate those different behaviors. This means that your content cannot be a one-size fits-all approach. Your content must vary by channel to fit what the consumer is expecting For instance, a piece of video might work really well on TikTok and Instagram, but would not generate the same engagement on Twitter. When you are designing your content to fit within a certain channel you have a better chance of resonating with your audience.
  • Don’t View Content as Marketing: Content should be used in the same manner as how you would tell a story. It needs to have quirks, there needs to be a story arc, but most importantly, you should treat every individual show, blog, or post as it’s own piece of content rather than try to group everything together in a larger push. 
  • Can I Get Your ID?: Data visibility and data accuracy are two things marketers need in order to drive business values. When you have both accurate data and easily accessible insights, you can gain a better understanding of who your audience is, what their buying behaviors are, and what pieces of content get them to convert to your product.

Key Quotes:

“I was excited to come to work at AdPredictive because they were solving the industry’s hard problems. Companies today can’t effectively use their customer data to impact business outcomes. It’s hard, it’s complicated, it’s too expensive, the list goes on. The entire platform that has been created at AdPredictive is dedicated to leveraging data intelligence and machine learning to do three different things — first is to drive stronger business outcomes, how are you going to succeed, and lastly drive media effectiveness.”

“Marketers are going to have to choose, third party data or move to probabilistic strategies. But we think marketers are going to need both.”

“The key is to create business outcomes. If you can take and further segment those audiences into nuanced differences, and identify the likelihood to convert to whatever your KPI is, you’re going to be significantly more efficient, significantly more effective, and create significantly greater business outcomes. Ultimately, there will be a much stronger customer lifetime value. Standard demographics are a very outdated way of looking at and targeting audiences for success.”

“You have to be very focused on what you’re doing, and you have to manage your true north and manage what your consumers care about and want, but you have to be knowledgeable about all of the places they are consuming content. You have to make sure that the content that you’re creating resonates across all of those platforms and that you’re not just taking your form of content creation, and your form of communication, and trying to overlay it onto the platform in your way, because it won’t work.”

“We always go with the philosophy that if we were creating content that was authentic and resonating with people, you could do whatever you wanted with it.”

“My biggest advice is to not look at it as marketing. Look at it as content, make sure the story has quirks, make sure it’s compelling, and treat each individually as a separate piece of content, and be authentic to the platform. If you do that, you will have a relationship with your consumers that you can then speak to them in any way, and they will trust you.”


Kristin Frank is a well-respected and highly seasoned expert in media and data, and is the current CEO at AdPredictive, the market-leading customer intelligence software platform. Before AdPredictive, Kristin’s career spanned over 23 years at Viacom, Inc., in multiple roles. Most recently, she served as COO of MTV, overseeing revenue, strategy, and operations for a $1.8B portfolio and spearheaded a turnaround, brand reinvention, digital and social media innovation, and market growth.

Prior to MTV, she served as Executive Vice President of Viacom Music and Entertainment’s Connected Content Division, where she transformed consumer product, data, engineering, and content resulting in a doubling of revenue. During her time at Viacom, she also held positions as General Manager for MTV and VH1 Digital, Chief Operating Officer of LOGO TV and Regional Vice President of Content Distribution and Marketing. Kristin’s career began in finance working for Heller Financial which was acquired by GE.

Kristin was honored as Variety’s Power Women of New York, the Most Powerful Women in Cable, and received the Top Women in Digital: Corporate Visionary Award. Kristin currently serves as the Board Director for Brightcove, Inc., and Gaia, Inc. Formerly she served as board director at Gaiam sold to Sequential Brands in 2016 and Cornerstone Capital sold to Pathstone in 2021. She received her BBA in Finance from the University of Iowa.

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