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Today’s episode of Marketing Trends features part two of our interview with Ty Shay (Twitter: @tyshay), Global CMO of Norton Lifelock. Ty is a Silicon Valley veteran who has served as CMO of multiple great tech companies including Hotwire and SquareTrade, and was the founder and CEO of FanIQ, a social sports gaming site. He is also on the board of directors of the ad council.

On this episode, Ty explains his original theory of performance storytelling, and gives tips on career management for marketers. If you want to go back and listen to part one of our interview with Ty, click here.

Performance Storytelling - (1:11)
- Performance storytelling is a method for combining brand marketing and performance marketing.
- Determine who you are and what you have to say, but then be menaical about measuring how you tell it.
- Ty tell marketers to "embrace the data."

Lessons from Lifelock - (10:37)
- Getting acquired, why he preferred getting acquired by a strategic buyer.
- Building a new category of "cyber safety."

Marketing Career Management - (14:47)
- "The role matters less than the organization."
- Why mentorship is more important than salary for a beginning marketer.
- The importance of alumni networks to a career.
- Why you might not want to be the first CMO at your company.

Lightning Round - (21:10)
- Ty's favorite app, time-saving tool, sports team, book, podcast, and more.

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