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With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, Michele Elrod has had a front row seat as marketing has evolved over the last several decades. On this episode of Marketing Trends, she sits down to discuss how she operates as the EVP and Head of Marketing at Regions Bank and how her marketing team is using artificial intelligence to build an evolving campaign. Plus she explains how her departments have changed through the years and why their insights and education programs are helping to empower the next wave of consumers. 

This information is general in nature and is not intended to be legal, tax, or financial advice. Although Regions believes this information to be accurate, it cannot ensure that it will remain up to date. Statements or opinions of individuals referenced herein are their own—not Regions’.

Key Takeaways:

– The biggest shift in the industry is that marketing is much more than brand awareness and advertising. Now you have to understand data, customer strategies, and ROI.
– If you aren’t using some sort of AI, you are doing yourself and your consumers a disservice.
– You should think about content strategy in terms of insights and education.

Key Quotes:

“Everything that we do in marketing is an extension of our company and therefore an extension of our business objectives, and we have to be as savvy about our business objective as we are about marketing.”

“For us, data is core to everything we do. Technology and automation is a partner with that, but data is core…it is the lifeline.”

“From my point of view, being close to the customer and understanding what you want to do and have to do within marketing is much more important than the technology piece.”

“It is a marathon and not a sprint. And one of the things I learned was, it truly does take a village. So you need technology, business groups, marketing, you need marketing strategists, you need data analysts. So there really is a village of people who have to be involved.”

“So it has to be AI, it has to be, I think an approach that respects science as well as art. Marketing is a science, not just an art.”

“The beauty is going to be when we can take all of that and start out in front of the customer and use all of that intelligence to be predictive. Not start with the product, not start with the campaign, but start with the customer and use that intelligence to build the communication and the secrets in for both inbound and outbound.”


Michele Elrod joined Regions in 1984 and provides strategic marketing direction and management as the Head of Marketing for Regions, a regional bank that operates throughout the South, Midwest and Texas and is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala.  She serves as a Board Member on MOMENTUM Women’s Leadership of Birmingham, the University of Alabama – Communication and Information Sciences College, and the Marketing and Sales Advisory Board to the UAB Collat School of Business.  Michele is an active speaker in the field on topics such as: Social Media and Marketing to the “New Consumer,” The Use of Big Data and the Changing Roles of Marketing, The Adaptive Customer Enterprise-Integrating Sales and Marketing to Drive Sales Growth, Mentoring Women and Marketing and AI.

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