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Artificial intelligence is a technology that is exciting to some and frightening to others. So how should marketers react to this new and potentially revolutionary technology? According to Vijay Chittoor (LinkedIn | Twitter), Co-Founder and CEO of Blueshift, AI has the power to help marketers scale their decisions and increase their influence, if leveraged correctly.

In this interview, Vijay talks about the best ways for marketers to utilize AI, why they should take a customer-centric rather than a channel-centric approach, and much more.

3 Key Takeaways:

– Marketers should take a customer-centric rather than a channel-centric approach to marketing.

– AI enables marketers to take a customer-centric approach and to scale their decisions across channels and formats.

– The most common mistake marketers make when it comes to AI is not focusing enough on collecting great data and integrating all the datasets they have.

Key Quotes

“We have become much more digital, mobile, and social over the last 10 years. As a result, the data that we leave behind with brands is changing super fast. Customer profiles used to be pretty static, and today that customer profile is much richer and changing fast.”

”There are more and more applications on which you can drive intelligent customer experience.”

“The lines between what is marketing and what is customer experience are intermingling and as that happens, CMOs are in charge of more and more revenue and controlling or influencing that customer experience across more and more touchpoints.”

“Traditionally brands have been very channel-centric. And I think today with the explosion of customer data and that always-on customer, I think there’s an opportunity for brands to understand customers as the dynamic individuals that they truly are, and to really put the customer at the center of the experience.”

“As long as it’s transparent to marketers, AI is able to partner with marketers to make decisions that scale in a manner that marketers trust.”


Vijay Chittoor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blueshift. Previously he was the co-founder and CEO at Mertado (acquired by Groupon to become Groupon Goods). He was also an early employee at Kosmix (acquired by Walmart to become @WalmartLabs). Vijay is a graduate of Harvard Business School & IIT Bombay.

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