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Simon Berg was 16 years old when he decided the education system wasn’t for him, but it wasn’t because he didn’t want to learn. In fact, all Simon cared about was learning about his passions. So Simon took a job as a coffee boy and before he knew it, he was a multi-time CEO. Today, Simon is the CEO of Ceros, and he joined Marketing Trends  to discuss why it’s okay to take a less conventional path as long as you’re passionate about the path you choose. Plus he does a deep dive into why content marketing is the worst phrase in the marketing industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Treat digital experiences with the same respect, care, and attention you would a physical experience. If your customer engages with it, it’s time to start giving it that same attention
  • Always ask yourself why you are producing content. Address the why, then ask yourself over and over again if this is the best piece of content you could be producing
  • Digital experiences are not about driving traffic to a website. It’s about representing your brand and your platform like an artist would treat a performance as a chance to represent who he or she is to the audience

Key Quotes:

“Experiences, and digital experiences should be treated with the same respect, care, and attention as a physical experience.”

“The difference is product tends to be a little more utilitarian. It’s a little more functional and rigid. Digital experiences, content, and content experiences tend to be more artistic, editorial, fluid, visceral, and human.” 

“Why are we producing this piece of content? You need to ask why at least another half dozen times before you get an answer.”

“I find the practice of content marketing to be a little gross, old, not modern, and not focused on human connections and digital experiences and value creation. ”

“People [misrepresent themselves] the digital world. They drive as much traffic as they can to an inauthentic awful experience that doesn’t represent their brand well and it actually feels disingenuous to not be authentic. ”

“You’ve got everybody at your experience, entertain them and provide value.”

“If you’re passionate about the thing that you sell, there’s an interesting and curious story that you can authentically tell.”

“Life is fundamentally about taking your job really seriously, but yourself not so much.” 


Simon Berg is CEO of Ceros, a technology company with a cloud-based platform that empowers brands like Red Bull, United, Conde Nast, and Universal to create bespoke digital experiential content without coding. Simon’s path to CEO has been unusual: after design school turned him down, he started working on an agency production floor at age 16, helping magazine publisher clients design and produce their print issues. As publishing moved into the digital era, Simon became a master of craft across both print and digital, which served as a catalyst for his 20-year ladder-climbing journey to CEO of the same agency: Group FMG (now BORN). As CEO, Simon led the charge to sell the agency in order to build and grow Ceros, a technology platform he incubated while at Group FMG.

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