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If you’ve been to New York City and traipsed around midtown you’ve probably seen them everywhere. Bikes rolling up-and-down city avenues, cleverly labeled, “Citi Bikes.” Mary Hines, the Chief Marketing Officer, US Consumer at Citi, had just joined the company when that partnership was solidified, and she joined Marketing Trends to discuss why partnership marketing needs to be seamless if you want to succeed. Plus, a conversation about the importance of aligning your values with the consumer, and why traditional campaigns are a thing of the past.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you’re integrated with your customers’ behaviors instead of integrating them into what you have to offer
  • Digital marketing needs to be a seamless experience
  • Brands are switching from traditional campaigns to journey-based

Key Quotes:

“Loyalty is incredibly important, it drives purchase decisions and ongoing commitments to brand. You want to make sure that you’re integrated into your consumers’ behaviors instead of trying to get them to integrate into what you have to offer.”

“It has to be really frictionless to engage with the loyalty program. So, it’s as much about the experience as it is to what you’re redeeming for, but both on how you earn rewards and as well as how you use them, customers need to be able to understand that.”

“When you do things digitally, it just has to be seamless.”

“Every time your customer is shopping at their favorite merchants, they’re seeing the value of using their points and their corresponding Citi products.”

“We’re finding that cost-based marketing is becoming increasingly important. When consumers choose brands, they want to be associated with brands that support society.” 

“We look to leverage our partner ecosystem in order to deliver the best value for our customers when it comes to things like purpose-serving marketing.  A great example of a marketing investment we made was in New York City, as well as Miami, we have Citi bike, which is a bike share program.”

“When we think about partnerships, it’s not just about the business outcome—obviously that’s important—but it’s really about what is the stance we want to take as a company.” 

“There’s been so many advancements in MarTech that enables us to deliver in a much more personalized way, and the channel that is most relevant for a particular customer.”

“We have a huge opportunity to deepen the relationships we have across product lines with our consumers. By having that overarching view of the customer, it’s really brought upon a lot of opportunities for us to be smarter in how we spend money, how we manage our agency, how we invest in technology, because at the end of the day, whether you have a card or a checking account or a mortgage, a lot of the underlying marketing techniques and capabilities can be common, and we’re better, better able to present Citi to our consumers when we’re at United as one brand.” 

“Brands are switching from being campaign-based to journey-based, which really enables a new level of personalization.” 


Mary is the Chief Marketing Officer for the US Consumer Bank. As CMO, Mary is responsible for maximizing Citi’s relationship with its US consumers across Cards, Retail Bank and Mortgage by cultivating trust, communicating value, and delivering customer-centric innovation to drive sustainable client-led growth.

Among her accomplishments during her seven years at Citi, Mary has led the transformation of Citi’s U.S. ThankYou and Global Rewards Program. She has taken a customer-focused approach to simplify and provide a frictionless experience across all rewards and benefits touchpoints, which included the launch of the Global Rewards program in 12 international markets, as well as innovative functionality such as Pay With Points enabling real-time points redemption at checkout.

She also rolled out a robust innovation operating model for the Citi Cards business to ensure that Citi continues to be at the forefront of bringing new products, capabilities and partnerships to market. This model leverages customer insights and analytics in order to drive both core and disruptive innovation, managing the launch of new products and capabilities as well as relationships with external rewards platform partners.

As part of her mandate, Mary also oversees Lending, Existing Customer Marketing, and Early Engagement, creating a 360-degree approach to customer engagement.

Prior to joining Citi, she was with American Express for nine years, most recently as Vice President of Charge Product Management. And before joining Amex, Mary held several roles with Inductis, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Accenture etc.

Mary holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Boston College and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University.

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