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In the field of oil and gas, it’s actually quite rare for companies to have a CMO. NOV is an outlier in that area, and their CMO, David Reid, joins us on this episode of Marketing Trends. David explains why marketing hasn’t been a focus for many oil and gas companies in the past, and why he thinks it’s actually a critical role not just for his company, but for the industry as a whole. People don’t know about the incredible work and innovation being done in this industry, and David is on a mission to bring those activities to the forefront.

3 Takeaways:

As CMO, David is unique in that his company buys new entities almost monthly. Part of his role is incorporating and strategizing those new companies into their current business.

– Knowing the language of your base and company is incredibly important when it comes to being accepted. If you don’t understand the culture – or the box – of the people you are working with, you risk the chance of being shut out.

– Knowing your employees, their strengths and weaknesses and then catering to those strengths and empowering them is incredibly important when building a sustainable workplace culture.

Key Quotes:

“Probably unique to my role [is that] the leadership team has grown up in the company and that allows you to be very connected to the business and understand the marketplace probably more than most CMOs.”

“Great marketers can reach situations and people very well, almost [like a] good psychologist.”

“What are the buttons for the people? The company? And what are the buttons for the leadership? Understanding all of that is how you understand the box and learn how to speak.”

“Sometimes we throw money at problems because we can’t think of other ways to solve them. If you can learn to treat the money like it’s your own that’s being inside the box because that’s how everyone else feels.”

“My team could all walk out the door tomorrow for more money. But the culture that we build makes them stay. They love it.”

“We don’t really hire for jobs. We hire for talent. Then we discover who they are and we make the job around them.”

David Reid is the Chief Marketing Officer at National Oilwell Varco (NOV). He is charged with developing the market and strategic engine of NOV across regional operations and business segments in order to offer their customers a most valued position in their relative markets. David joined Varco International in 1992, and has lived in Scotland, California and Houston while working world-wide in a number of roles covering business development, product development, leadership, and management. David Reid serves on the NOV and Schlumberger IntelliServ Joint Venture Board, as well as the IADC Executive Board as the Vice President for Services, and is a founding member of the SPE Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section. David is currently serving on the SPE Board as a Technical Director of Drilling.

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