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Every day, we make decisions about our purchases. We choose to buy something at one place and not another. We pick this product over that one. And that purchase data — what we buy and what we don’t — is extremely valuable, especially to marketers. Dani Cushion is the CMO of Cardlytics, a digital advertising platform that serves some of the largest banks around the world and offers insights into the anonymized purchase data of more than 140 million people. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Dani explains how Cardlytics gathers this anonymous data securely and then delivers it to banking partners to help them build out their cash back offers, rewards systems, and other marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find the metrics that matter. Consumer purchase data is extremely valuable in helping marketers craft campaigns and programs that actually resonate with customers.
  • It’s not just about collecting data. Knowing data is one thing, but acting on the information you have and measuring the success of how you put that data to work is the only way to truly drive change.
  • Keep it simple. Your message has to be human-centric and accessible — if you have to read it twice to get it, it’s way too complicated.

Key Quotes:

“We are probably one of the largest digital advertising platforms that you may never have heard of. We run targeted advertiser-funded offers within bank native environments. …Some of the biggest banks in the world rely on us to help bring cash back offers to their consumers.”

“We have a really interesting view into aggregated and anonymized purchase data, which helps us help marketers. We’re helping them understand how do consumers buy when they’re not buying with them.”

“If you’re not using data to figure out how to make sure that you’re reaching people who are receptive to, or have some kind of higher propensity to buy, your advertising, you’re just still spraying and praying.” 

“We use our purchase history, the targeting that we have, to be able to go in and present offers. What you would see in your bank app is different than what I see, is different than what my husband would see, is different than what someone else would see. It’s all really based on what’s going to be relevant for me.”

“The best ways for us to go-to-market is by being able to show really clearly and with a lot of detail the kinds of problems that we can solve through what’s a really unique channel where you can reach people when they’re thinking about their money. And do they want to try to spend on this versus that?”

“Making sure that we’re writing in a way that’s human and accessible [matters]. It’s so easy to write the way your company speaks, but it’s really hard to read something with fresh eyes and to make sure that you’re marketing in a way that matters and makes sense. If you have to read something twice, it’s too complicated. …So how do you really hone your marketing message to something that resonates and is described in a human way?”


Dani Cushion is the Chief Marketing Officer at Cardlytics, a purchase intelligence platform that presents advertising within banks’ secure digital channels. 

With a focus on driving significant company growth, Dani has built out a best-in-class global marketing and communications team at Cardlytics, and helped the company go public with the first tech IPO of 2018. Previously, she was SVP marketing and communications at Millennial Media, where she saw the company through its IPO and numerous acquisitions.

She began her career in sports marketing at Major League Soccer, ISL, Millsport/The Marketing Arm, and SiriusXM. Dani currently sits on the Board of Directors for not-for-profit organization Women in Technology, a 25-year-old organization whose mission is to help girls and women excel in STEAM from the classroom to the boardroom.

Dani graduated from Lehigh University with a Marketing major, and minors in Philosophy and Economics. She started every game for the women’s soccer team while there and captained the squad her junior and senior years. Dani lives in Atlanta with her husband, three children, and a bunch of crazy pets.

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