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Marketers have to master a variety of skill sets in order to excel. New platforms, tools, and technologies are constantly emerging. So how can they keep up? And how do marketing leaders ensure that their team collectively has the skill sets necessary to perform at a high level?

To find out, we talked to Yvonne Chen (LinkedIn | Twitter), VP of Marketing at Udemy for Business. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Yvonne joins Ian in studio to discuss the marketing skills gap, how to bridge it, and how to build a culture of learning at your organization.

Quantifying Learning and Development - (1:00)
- Udemy for Business is the B2B/SaaS arm of Udemy, an online learning marketplace.
- Yvonne believes marketers are like mini GMs, requiring skill sets from content creation to analytics and team-building, and it's a challenge to acquire all of these.
- In an IDC report, Udemy was quoted to deliver 869% ROI for its customers.
- Yvonne notes that this ROI comes from different places for different organizations, such as on-boarding efficiency, cost saving, and productivity gains.
- "[The report shows] what you can do as a company when you invest in the right learning partner and believe that learning is one of the most important priorities for the organization." - Yvonne Chen

Addressing the Skills Gap - (13:00)
- Yvonne believes the proliferation of marketing technologies is creating a widening skills gap.
- "Marketers have to be at the cusp of knowing who the customer is, where they're going, and when to talk to them at the right time." - Yvonne Chen
- Rather than being an expert in every single technology, successful marketers know what technologies are out there and how to utilize them in the best way.

The Importance of Quality - (16:00)
- "Having a marketplace model means that we believe that consumers need to have a consumer-first approach to learning." - Yvonne Chen
- According to Deloitte, the half-life of skills today has decreased to five years.
- "Because of this rapid change, you can't rely on the normal pace of content creation." - Yvonne Chen
- This has created a steady stream of content that Udemy has to work to ensure meets their standards.
- "Instructors [should] have a vested interest in being great." - Ian Faison
- Udemy's rating system incentivizes instructors to produce high quality content.

Encouraging Growth Mindsets - (26:00)
- "The ability and willingness to learn new knowledge and new skills is critical to the difference between an upwards career trajectory and a plateau." - Yvonne Chen
- At Udemy, their D.E.A.L. program, which stands for Drop Everything And Learn, institutionalizes productive learning as an organizational value.
- Yvonne also mentions the analytical insights found at Udemy. For example, Wednesday afternoons at 3:00 is statistically the most productive hour, but a significant amount of learning also happens outside of working hours, during commutes.
- Yvonnne thinks soft skills get a bad rap because of the fluffy name, but they are ultimately the hardest skill set to hone.
- "If you're going to successful, you have to be a well-rounded professional." - Yvonne Chen

Pardot Lightning Round - (43:00)
- Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii
- Ad campaign most envious of: Method's experiential marketing
- Book currently reading: Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan
- Favorite show: Billions
- Best advice for first time VPs of Marketing: Let go of any ego and adopt a growth mindset. Get to know your team so that you can gather all the information you need to find your own unique leadership style.
- Most excited about for the future of marketing: By learning many functions and learning to balance them, marketers are equipping themselves to become future CEOs.

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